Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Drawing shoes

Last week for my morning class, I had them draw shoes for their assignment. I brought in all my shoes and let them pick one or more to draw. The surface we worked on is mylar. It doesn't take a lot of layers but can be worked on back and front. It was a great drawing exercise as well as for applying color. They all did a wonderful job, here are samples of a few that were finished and brought back today. In the top picture, the blue satin slip-on shoe was drawn by Cheryl who portrayed the sparkly beading very realistically. Rayne drew the brown lace-up shoe and gave it a beautiful design. Mary Lou worked with black and dark shades of other color to render the black patent leather and used Gold Prismacolor for the inside. The gold worked really well on the mylar. The bottom picture is of Cherry holding her lovely composition and drawing of three shoes. Didn't they do an unbelievable job?!

Monday, September 28, 2009

SO Rhode Island Magazine

I have been very fortunate because a writer from SO RI magazine, Marylou Butler, came into Spring Bull Gallery in Newport with a friend and saw my work. Marylou contacted me and asked if she could feature me as the artist of the month in the October issue. I was delighted to oblige! The magazine is about people and places in southern RI, or South County and has lots of good info from cover to cover.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pinks Pinks and More Pinks

Summer, walking on the beach and going boating has gotten me in the spirit to keep working on shells, especially since I have been observing the subject matter so closely. Its on my mind and it makes me happy! I'm using the Ampersand cradled gessoboard and to get the surface color, I have white Colourfix primer tinted with Art Spectrum Liquid Spectrum inks, a few drops of red and a few drops of blue make this bluish-pink colored surface. I chose the Liquid Spectrum because the colors are concentrated and can be added to the Colourfix without watering it down or changing the consistency.

After laying down my drawing, I started by blocking in the darkest areas and the white areas. You can see my reference photos too. In the bottom photo (which is just part of the drawing) I'm working on just the colorful shells by adding a light layer of colored pencils. When I have the whole surface covered with pencil, then I will go back and add more along with solvent to fill in more of the surface. I love color, can you tell?

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Summer's over, time to get back to work

I've been on hiatus from colored pencil since I finished the shell piece. I'm kind of just regrouping and was enjoying the summer, spending time on the beach and boating. I'm working on a watercolor piece that I will put in a future blog entry. I haven't done watercolor in so many years but I have to say that I'm enjoying it.

On Tuesday I began teaching colored pencil classes again. We worked on a small still life of grapes and slice of watermelon. Here is my little drawing on done white Stonehenge paper. Wednesday and Thursday I spent puttering around my studio cleaning up and moving things around, I feel the need to regroup, plan and organize right now before I can focus enough to get started on another piece of artwork. I haven't even decided what I want to work on next which is unusual for me, I always have the next piece in mind before I finish my current piece.