Thursday, January 1, 2009

Not creating art but getting inspired in Taos

We are on a family/friends ski trip in Taos, NM and having a great time. We're with relatives from Arizona and friends from England. The weather and the skiing/snowboarding are great. This area is so beautiful in such a different way from New England, I love the mountains surrounding us. Unfortunately, I forgot my sketchbook & art materials but have been taking pictures for inspiration.  I bought a cow skull and a big bunch of red chili peppers for still life set ups at the studio. Should be fun and different.


Debbi said...

Wow it looks beautiful there! I love the photo of you on the ski slopes! You have great form. Happy New Year!

Chantell Van Erbe said...

Take me with you! Great photos, Kendra. You'll have lots of material to work with when you get back to the studio. Happy New Year too.

Kendra said...

Thanks & Happy New Year! I'm glad to be home now ... back to work tomorrow after I clean up and unpack : )