Saturday, July 18, 2009

Shells and more shells

I've started a new piece (which is a little distorted in this photo!). I'm working on 6x24" cradled gessoboard to which I've applied a layer of Raw Sienna colored Colourfix Primer. On the top is the reference photo that I am working from. I started by laying in my whites and lightest blues on the shells, you can't really see my line drawing in white. I've also placed my darkest darks as a reference point to work from. There are so many elements in this piece that easily gets confusing. I like the composition and the long rectangular format. Today I was working outside on my deck in 85ยบ weather because the sun felt so good. While working in the sun, I learned something interesting, the colored pencil starts to melt and adheres to the surface really smoothly. Its almost like working with the solvent but the pencil doesn't mush as much as when using solvent. I'm going to experiment more with this, as long as I can stand the heat!


Karen Hargett said...

I always enjoy watching your work come together - thanks for sharing.

Debbi said...

What an ambitious piece, Kendra. This is going to be gorgeous. Can't wait to see more. [I thought you wanted to relax this summer! ;) ]

Kendra said...

I am trying to relax ... I'm taking my time with this piece! Every time I sit down to work on it, I think to myself "am I crazy??" But I love detail and its fun.