Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Autumn Leaves

Here is the project my colored pencil students worked on in class yesterday and each of their drawings. I gave them black Stonehenge paper and some autumn leaves to draw. Anyone who has used colored pencil on black paper knows it is difficult to get vibrant colors so I had my students work an underpainting in white pencil first. The underpainting is a value study in white (something to you really have to think about!) Lightest values have the most white pencil coverage and darker areas have less white pencil. The first and second photos show some of the white drawings underneath the color. The color on top of the white is very vibrant and the shapes of the leaves against the black make a very interesting composition.


sue said...

Well they achieved some beautiful results. As you pointed out, it can be difficult achieving vibrancy on black paper but they've done very well.

Joanne Hackett said...

Wow...the autumn leaves look great! I so miss New England especially in the fall.

Kendra said...

Hi Joanne, the leaves are really pretty but I'm sure you don't miss the New England cold weather!