Sunday, October 3, 2010

Skipping along the stones

While I'm working on this piece, I actually feel like I'm moving along the beach and through the stones with my pencils. I start working on one rock and before I know it, I've moved to another and another and pretty soon I'm across the paper. So I'm back and forth adding detail and texture to each different rock. I've pulled out my Derwent Graphitint pencils and am using them along with the regular colored pencil. The Graphitints have a softness when applied and a subtlety to the colors which makes them perfect for rocks. I'm also using the colorless blender or very light gray, cream or white pencils to burnish the smooth rocks. The colorless blender intensifies the colors so it I want them to show reflection or light on the top, I burnish with the lighter colors.


sue said...

This is 'realism' at its best ... its better than a photograph :o)

Beautiful pencil work

hbedrosian said...

I agree with Sue - you are achieving a beautiful realism here. I can't wait to see the completed piece.