Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Working on Pastelbord

Here is the piece finished. All of the white in the background and between the stripes is the white pastelbord surface. The most difficult part of doing this drawing was the pencil dust flaking all over the area of the pastelbord that I wanted to keep white. As we know, working on a sanded surface creates lots of pencil dust. I solved the problem by dabbing with a kneaded eraser and removing all (or most) of the unwanted color in the white areas. Its really helpful to photograph the piece and look at it on the computer because you can see flaws or areas that could be changed. I just noticed the sticks like faint in value/color compared to the rest of the piece.


Debbi said...

Kendra I love this piece. How gorgeous. And congrats on the Salmagundi Club honors. You deserve them and more.

Kendra said...

Thanks Debbi. Unfortunately this piece won't be in our show. I promised it to the art gallery who is featuring it in Art Collector magazine.