Thursday, March 3, 2011

RI Blood Center Season's Pass Program

Over a year ago I was interviewed by the RI Blood Center to be a contributing artist for their Seasons' Pass Program. It wasn't until last fall when I learned that I had been selected to be the artist for 2012. What this means is that I will design and donate a piece of artwork of which the Blood Center will make prints and give to their 4-times- per-year blood donors. Today at their press conference, I was introduced as the next artist for the Seasons' Pass Program. Since this program was begun in 2002, 4 times-per-year-blood donors have increased by two thirds currently totaling more than 10,000. I am honored to be chosen as the next artist but this also has meaning to me because coincidentally in 2002 I was having surgery for cancer and needed a blood transfusion. In turn, this blood transfusion saved my life so I am happy to able to give back. The question on everyone's mind today was what is going to be my choice for subject matter. I'm not even sure of that myself right now because I want to give some thought to my subject, something that has meaning to me and a subject or scene donors will be happy to receive.
Here I'm being interviewed by Barbara Morse Silva of NBC Channel 10 news. The segment ran on the evening news today.
Talking to the CFO and COO of the Blood Center.

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