Sunday, August 7, 2011

Upcoming Workshop

I have been asked to teach a one-day colored pencil workshop for a group in central Massachusetts. I am penciling the composition (above) and making a list of all the colors I have used for the students. It has also been requested that I do a line drawing of the subjects and photocopy it onto the paper for the students so they don't have to spend time drawing the layout, they can concentrate learning how to apply color and layering color. The class is going to be working on Stonehenge paper in 100% colored pencil, no solvents, etc.

Above is the drawing in progress, I've begun laying down colors and doing some layering of color while making a list of each color I use. I'm enjoying the drawing and hope that it isn't too complicated for the students but I will have plenty of instructions in case they can't finish in one day. I tend to be rather "ambitious" with the complicated subjects I choose! I'm also attempting to minimize the list of colored pencils that I use and that can a challenge in itself.

My next step is to add in the background and smooth the reflective surfaces, bottle and dish.


Richard Klekociuk said...

All the best with your workshop, Kendra. I like your approach. A limited palette is a good idea and certainly a challenge.
I must admit that I'm not a fan of solvents either. I rarely use paper supports in my classes, preferring coloured pastel board.
Warmest regards, Richard

sue said...

Well that certainly looks 'do-able' in one day .. and if some students don't finish, it is an attractive enough grouping to encourage them to do so at home.

Good luck with the workshop

Teresa Mallen said...

This is a lovely composition for the workshop. I am sure the students will love working on this piece. A line drawing and an image for them to work on will be perfect as it will allow them to continue on at home. I have found that some students get concerned about keeping up and they like the assurance that they can finish later or even attempt a re-do if desired. As for the limited palette, yes a nuisance. I created all of my class exercises and projects using just a 48 pencil set so students wouldn't have to lay out so much money on supplies. But when I was creating the pieces, I kept thinking of all of the pencils I was prevented from using. :-) Anyway, this is a delightful project and I am sure your students will be thrilled - and it is something you can teach again!!!