Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Art I've Done This Weekend

I'm continuing on with my drawing of the blue bottle, cherries and silver dish and I find the colors are so vibrant over the Inktense pencil washes. I'm just about finished, the only part left is the background and then I may tweak some of the other areas.

On Friday, I taught a colored pencil workshop for a group of decorative painters in Westborough, Massachusetts. I am told that colored pencil is very popular right now in decorative painting. Most of the students have used other mediums such as oil paint or watercolor and one lady told me that she works with colored pencil on porcelain. I may have to try that myself.

This group considered themselves beginners to colored pencil and asked if I would lead them step by step, color by color in this workshop using Prismacolor pencils. We worked from a photo and a photo of my drawing. I preprinted a line drawing of the composition on Stonehenge drawing paper for each student so they could concentrate on working with colored pencil for the entire workshop, not have to take time to pencil draw the composition out first. For the subjects, I chose the same blue bottle and silver plate that I'm using in my drawing on wood above, but instead of cherries, I added tulips. The drawing proved to be a little challenging for beginners and took us the whole day to get through each element but I like to challenge my students and I think a good challenge helps a person to learn and grow. I was very happy with each person's (almost) finished piece and I hope they were also. At the end of the day I told them that if they go home tired, I've done my job. To which one person replied "if YOU go home tired, we've done our job!"


Katherine Thomas said...

This is an awesome painting. I have heard the same comments about CP being the next hot thing in the decorative painter groups. I was at an oil workshop several months ago, and somebody asked if I would consider teaching CP to them. (they must really be desperate for an instructor) Your workshop looks very well-attended and their paintings all look great!

Ester Roi said...

Kendra, your drawing is absolutely beautiful!

Richard Klekociuk said...

An impressive drawing, Kendra.

Dianna Soisson said...

Gorgeous drawing Kendra! Love the blue!

Teresa Mallen said...

Your drawing has such lovely rich colour! You were talking about this workshop a few months ago and suddenly November is here. The class seems to be working very intently and their work looks terrific!

Teresa said...

Hi Kendra,

Your art is simply sublime. I never fail to be awed and impressed when I visit your blog (which is not nearly often enough - just can't seem to keep everything caught up!).

Have a great weekend!