Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Finished Class Drawings and a Dog Portrait

Here are 6 of my students' colored pencil drawings on wood; 4 are from the morning class and 2 are from the evening class. It's always fun to look at how each person's variation of the same subject. Most used a variation in color and even the orientation of the finished piece. They all look wonderful and I'm proud of all of them!!

The morning class went out to lunch yesterday, we are saying goodbye to our two Australian friends who are both moving back home within the next two months. We're going to miss them, we've been learning about their culture, customs and most importantly their desserts while we work on colored pencil drawings. It's really been fun!

I'm working on a portrait of my dog, Bandit. I'm working on UArt 800 grit sanded paper. I still have quite a bit more to go, I'm starting by laying on color roughly and then will go back and refine. I've started with just Prismacolor pencils for now.

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