Sunday, March 25, 2012

Complementary Color Painting Workshop

This weekend I'm taking a three-day oil painting workshop at the Providence Art Club with Mimo Gordon Riley whose work and style I admire because she paints so beautifully with a limited palette. Our assignment for the workshop is to bring two complementary colors of oil paint plus white, one pair of shoes and three canvases. I am the only student in the class who chose the red/green combination, everyone else chose yellow/violet or orange/blue. We began by taking our two colors and mixing them together in 5 or 6 steps to make a range of grays from that point we added increments of white to make a range of light and dark values (my color mixture palette is hanging off my easel in the top photo). As you probably noticed I decided on a kick-ass pair of super high heels to paint (my students know I love colorful shoes) but I chose these shoes because of the angles and lines they form compositionally. Not being a painter and loving color, I added color right away. Most of the students began with neutral values and then brought colors into the painting. I'm going to try that today on day two of the workshop. Notice the bottom photo of everyone's work, all different and so amazing. I particularly like the little girl's sneakers and the purple high heels.

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