Monday, July 16, 2012

Moths, Moths, Moths

Another assignment for my sketchbook class was to create a drawing in which the composition is similar to the studies of Ernest Haeckel or Albertus Seba. Ernest Haeckel was a naturalist, philosopher, physician, professor and artist. He published a book titled Art Forms in Nature which included over a hundred detailed, multi-colored illustrations of animals and sea creatures. Albertus Seba was a pharmacist who collected numerous amounts of natural specimens. He engaged several artists, engravers and writers to help catalog these specimens into a book titled A Cabinet of Natural Curiosities. If you do a search for drawings from these books, you will find many of these drawings have been made into wallpaper, wrapping paper, textiles, etc.

I have modeled my drawing after several by Ernest Haeckel, drawn on black paper with white pencil. The drawings are so beautiful and intricate, I decided to create my own. I chose moths as my subject and did some research to find different types and views of moths. I never realized there were so many and so many beautiful colors. This is my layout on black Stonehenge paper.

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Libby Gilpatric said...

Kendra, These are just so beautiful. You are doing what I have been dreaming of doing this fall. I want to take a class and use the RISD Nature Lab. Maybe you can recommend a course, teacher. I've been starting some studies of beach findings, but feel the discipline and requirements of a class are more stimulating and go somewhere. I so admire what you've done!