Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fragments of Time

I have just finished this colored pencil drawing which is done on UArt paper and is 29x24". I start with Polychromos pencils which can blend really nicely into the sanded paper with a stiff brush then I add Prismacolor pencils on top. They don't blend as well because they have a more waxy consistency.

I've been working larger lately and just having fun being creative with the larger format. After working on Uplifted, Keepers of Mystery, and The Woman in the Window, I have been enjoying working on the old crumbling walls surrounding my subjects. Something about the passing of time and seeing the old beneath and mixed with the present is attracting my attention. Perhaps it is because I have been somewhat emotional lately assisting my elderly father who is declining rather quickly and is difficult to observe but no regrets that I can be of help to him. So maybe this is why I am incorporating history into my works.

My reference photos for this drawing came from a trip I took to Tuscany with eight other artists. We rented a villa and travelled around the area. This scene is from Siena, as we were walking down a narrow street an elderly woman poked her head out the window for a moment. I quickly snapped some photos before she noticed and ducked back inside. I was also intrigued by the other elements in the photo, the round window, the shrine to the madonna and the wires and pipes running along the facade.

This piece is also going to be included in my exhibit at the Providence Art Club, Providence, RI which opens this Sunday, October 21 from 2-4 p.m.


Kathy said...

Kendra, this piece is amazing! I love all the textures, the lace curtain in the round window, and the touch of a human element. A beautiful moment in time. This must be something to behold in its' size! Thoughts and prayers to you in your efforts with your Dad. I know how tough that can be.

Kathy said...
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sue said...

I love drawings like this that make me want to know what's going on behind the other windows and doors! Lovely work.
and I echo Kathy's comments re. your dad

Kendra said...

Thank you Kathy and Sue. Sue, you made me think about what could be going on behind the windows! Kathy, thanks for your thoughts and prayers. My dad was hospitalized last week and it was a long week.

Kathy said...

Just looking back @ some of your previous posts and came across The Woman in the Window! This could be an interesting series - the story behind the exterior?

Kendra said...

Yes, Kathy. I have another photo to work from that is a window behind a window. Just trying to decide on the subject that will be placed behind the two windows. Thanks!