Friday, November 9, 2012

Working with Dynasty Brush Company

In the above photo I'm using a Dynasty Brush Mongolian Sable flat brush to add odorless mineral spirits to my colored pencil so I can move it around like paint. This is a commission piece I am working on for a customer, it is 6x24" on 2" cradled Ampersand Gessobord coated with Terra Cotta tinted Colourfix Primer which gives it a nice texture to work on.

For another totally different method of working with colored pencil, I'm using Dynasty Brush Deerfoot IPC (ink, pastel, charcoal). This rounded brush has a flat angled end (like a deer foot) which is perfect for burnishing my colored pencil work and pushing the pencil into the grooves of the paper. I'm using UArt 800 grit sanded paper with Faber Castell Polychromos pencils. The Polychromos are less waxy than other brands and lend themselves to being applied to the sanded paper in a similar method to working with pastel.

I may have mentioned previously that Dynasty Brush Company has offered me an opportunity to experiment with several of their different types of brushes and has featured me, my artwork and recent accomplishments in this blog entry on their website, the link to my article is here. I'm really honored to be chosen to be able to try the various Dynasty brushes in my colored pencil work, and also a little bit with oils and watercolors. I am always trying new methods and materials when working with colored pencil in which to work quicker, as we all know that colored pencil can be timely and require much patience. I also look for ways in which to smooth my colored pencil work when using a very textured surface which I often do.


Kathy said...

Congratulations, Kendra! Nice article. By the way, I signed up for that webinar - even before I knew you were in it. Looking forward to it.

Katherine Thomas said...

Kendra I applaude you for thinking outside the box and pushing the medium to new applications. These are both gorgeous pieces. I always love reading your posts!

Kendra said...

Thank you Kathy and Katherine! Kathy, I signed up for the webinar too, I haven't participated in one before so it will be interesting. Katherine, I like your work also and have to get back to reading blogs.

Karyn Meyer-Berthel said...

Hi Kendra!Thank you for the sweet write up. I didn't know you posted this, but will share with our audience. Best to you.