Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Spinning in Circles

After several months and much thought I have finally finished this colored pencil drawing on two layers of Grafix DuraLar translucent vellum. To recap my previous posts, my original idea of working on layers was challenged by the fact the vellum is more opaque than I expected. I found I needed to add bright color to the bottom layer which would end up toned down when showing through the top layer. I also added color to the background horses and let them fade into the back. I'm happy with this piece now that it is finished and learned from the challenge of working on the multiple layers of DuraLar. Please read my previous posts for info on my process. I had hoped to finish the drawing with a fixative to keep the pencil intact just in case, however, when I test sprayed both workable fixative and Lascaux fixative on a scrap piece of vellum, it made small dots of spray on the vellum. I searched the internet for info but didn't come up with anything. If anyone has any experience with fixative on vellum, I'd be interested to know.

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