Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Tye's Pet Portrait

While gluing and pressing my book covers for my drawing book, I started on a dog portrait commission. This is Tye and he is very photogenic and has a big personality so it's very easy to capture his personality from a few photos. In this photo, he is sitting in the snow and I particularly like the perspective of looking down at him. I have most of the fur drawn, I will need to go back, refine and punch up colors and values once I have added in the snow and shadows in the snow. This is just a portion of the drawing, it is going to be square 12x12"


Sue Clinker said...

Beautiful ... all the experts say you should photograph pets at ground level but sometimes shots like this are so much better and far more interesting.

Look forward to seeing more

Donna Dame said...

Just amazing work Kendra! I also pr messaged you.