Saturday, November 1, 2014

Invitational Pastel Exhibit

 Key Largo Palms

 Scarlet Vista

 Torreone Village, Tuscany

Cortona Hillside, Tuscany

Here are my four pastels that I have put into the invitational pastel exhibit at Spring Bull Gallery in Newport, Rhode Island. The top two abstracts were started in a workshop with Casey Klahn through the Pastel Painters Society of Cape Cod last October 2013. I had tucked them away and enjoyed completing them just recently. Casey challenged the class to work abstractly and in shapes and to sometimes change from using local colors.

The second two pastels were painted plein aire while in Tuscany, and also finished in the studio. I've learned to make good color notes because when I come back to the studio and try to finish from a photo, the colors and values have changed from working on location.

The exhibit is on through the month of November and includes nine other pastel artists: Rick Cardoza, Shelly Eager,  Sarah Fielding-Gunn, Janet Gendreau, Diane L’Heureux, Priscilla Malone, Kelly Milukas, Evelyn Rhodes, and Jeanne Tangney.


Leslie Lindeman said...

Can't wait to see your paintings in the gallery! We are flying back to RI for a wedding and I have put a visit to Spring Bull on my "To Do" list. Do you know when you will be manning the gallery?

Kendra said...

Hi Leslie, I don't have to gallery sit for the exhibit but I could meet you there if our schedules allow!

Elisa Agnolucci said...
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Elisa Agnolucci said...

Dear Kendra,I came across your painting by chance and what a great surprise.... my house!! I always spot painters from my window but I have never had The opportunity to see The final result. Lovely.

Kendra said...

Dear Elisa, thank you for leaving the comment. My painting is a wonderful memory of a very special trip to your area of Tuscany. I really enjoyed the opportunity to paint your house!