Thursday, March 30, 2017

Just Passing Through

I've just finished this colored pencil piece, it is 14.5 x 18.5" worked in all Prismacolor pencils. My surface is a cream colored rag mat board with some lined texture. I like the mat board because it is sturdy and soft enough to take layers of pencil, burnish and erase. I started this complicated piece by working one shell, coral or starfish at a time and gradually moved along until all of my subjects were 90% completed. Then I moved onto the background objects and finally finishing with the sand. The sand was the most complicated part, it needed some texture but just a small amount so it wouldn't detract from the busy shells and starfish forms. To create the texture in the sand and part of my starfish, I used the three erasers pictured above. 

I have just started experimenting with the Faber Castell Perfection eraser brush (looks like the old typewriter eraser) and like what it can do. It can erase but also softly remove only parts of color and burnish some remaining color into the surface, creating a softer erased effect. For the areas I want to remove all color down to the surface I used the Sakura Electric Eraser and smallest areas I used the Tombow Mono Zero which has a fine point. 

 Work in progress

My completed piece!

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