Tuesday, June 13, 2017

A Figure Drawing Workshop

Over the weekend I took Derek Gore's Wet & Wild Figure Drawing Workshop at the Providence Art Club. We were asked to bring just sheets of large paper, Alphacolor charcoal and a water container. We started off by wetting sheets of paper and drawing on the wet surface with charcoal. Our first poses were a very short 30 seconds so that we could begin with just simple gesture drawings. 

After several 30 second poses, we progressed to one minute poses, then five minute poses but never longer than 20 minutes. It was a great lesson in which to study the figure with your eye at the same time your hand is moving to sketch on the paper. The poses were short so we could not get wrapped up in details. These are my sketches, some of my paper crinkled from the water and has created an interesting effect in these photos. 

 This figure was done on Yupo paper, I have never worked on Yupo before and possibly added too much water because it was running everywhere on the slick surface.

It was a really enjoyable workshop that helped me to loosen up and sketch large. I went home exhausted but happy to have achieved some insight on the medium and the figure. Derek Gore is a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design and works in drawing and collage from recycled magazines. Take a look at his website: derekgores.com

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