Friday, January 10, 2020

Upcycled Book Sculptures & One Hollowed Out Book

A new year and new work! I started out the month of January by creating two new book sculptures. I like the quiet of winter after the busy holidays, plus here in New England it tends to be cold and gray most of the time. What better time to get the creative thought process going and starting new projects and creating new works.

I am working on some new colored pencil drawings but when I decide to take a break from drawing, I like to fold, cut and glue my book sculptures. I have several others that have been in progress for months and sit on a shelf awaiting my inspiration to find them.

I began the Gallery of Flowers book (top photo) a few months ago. I cut a large hole through the cover of the book leaving some of the cover pieces standing up to read as blades of grass or sections of grass since they are rather thick. I hand cut the floral illustrations from the book pages and placed them in various positions to appear they are growing out of the book. I had to cut thin strips of foam core and glue to the backs of the flowers in order to keep them standing upright.

This is a French book that I bought at a used book store for $1. It's rather old, it was published in 1908 and the book plate in the front says it was in a library collection from 1910. The pages were yellowed and brittle but the cover is so unique and intricately designed.

I glued the pages together and hollowed out the book in order to create the little shadowbox collage. I glued the handmade paper with the fern design to the inside cover and first page to make hinge sturdier and add interest to the front pages.

I started working on the inside shadowbox. I began by creating the empty spool of thread as a vase filled with the paper flowers. From there I decided to create the dress on the wire hanger hung from the twig. It took me a while and a few unused designs to come up with exactly how I wanted the dress to look. From there I added the whirly sun in the corner, butterfly and bench image from another book. The book is written in French, I like that the French language on the pages also compliments the sculpture.

I must add that I may seem to put these book sculptures together quickly, the concept and thought process may take months. I purchased both of these books many months ago and spent a lot of time thinking of ideas and how to transform them. I would say the thought process takes a lot more time than the actual construction.

I also have to add that I sold both of these books immediately and am excited they are so well received! I do enjoy creating art from recycled materials!

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