Monday, August 22, 2022

Fall Colored Pencil Workshops

I will be teaching two colored pencil workshops this fall. The first will be on Tuesday, October 4 from 9 am to 3 pm at Portsmouth Arts Guild, Portsmouth, RI. We will be drawing from still life objects and learning about layering, blending and burnishing techniques as well as working with value and form. Students will also learn different techniques and approaches to create a vibrant drawing while drawing from a still life. 

Colored pencil is a versatile medium that is portable, inexpensive, and great for combining with other types of media such as watercolor. Through layering and mixing translucent colors directly on the drawing surface, a luminous image is produced.  Experience with drawing in any medium is required but beginners to colored pencil are welcome.

Information and registration can be found on the PAG website (link above) or you can email me at for more info. 

The second workshop is a 3-hour workshop at Bristol Art Museum on Saturday, October 22 from 1 to 4 pm. This workshop focuses on Drawing the Autumn Landscape. We will work from photos and/or still life objects such as colored leaves to capture the glorious colors of autumn in colored pencil. We will also learn about creating values, textures and composition as well as layering, burnishing and blending techniques. 

Because this is a short workshop, this is only for students with some drawing experience in any medium. See the website for more information and to register. Or contact me. 

Looking forward to the workshops and hoping to see lots of wonderful students!!


Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Safari Drawing in Colored Pencil

I used a variety of reference photos from my safari trip to create this scene for customers who were looking for a custom wedding gift for their son and his wife. The newlyweds are very fond of cats so the lioness and her cubs were fitting as the main subjects. We decided on the other supporting animals and landscape for the middle and background. I used warm colors for this piece to depict the beautiful light of the Africa afternoon. My reference photos were taken from Kenya and Tanzania.

This drawing is 18x24" in colored pencils and drawn on cream Canson Mi-Teintes paper. I used a variety Prismacolor, Caran d'Ache Luminance and Faber Castell Polychromos pencils for this drawing. I choose different pencils because I want to use both lightfast pencils and certain colors to create my work. 

I sweated this one out because I hadn't worked on a piece so large in quite a long time and also because I had the concept in my head but could I put it on paper? My biggest struggle was what to do with the midground beween the animals to make it interesting yet still add some 'quiet' areas for the eye to rest between subjects. My second biggest struggle was depicting all those blades of grass in the foreground!! All in all I am happy with the result. 

Below is my beginning of the lioness and cubs. I may recreate them again just by themselves.


Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Weekend Workshop at Cape Cod Art Center

I will be teaching a 2-day colored pencil workshop at the Cape Cod Art Center in Barnstable Massachusetts on Saturday and Sunday, July 30 & 31st, 10 am to 4 pm each day. Cost $220/members and $250/non members. 

In this studio workshop we will focus on creating drawings of exciting seascapes. Learn how to capture the atmosphere of smooth water, sea foam and waves. We will cover the transparency and reflections in water as well as building form, light and shadow and working with surrounding beach and land formations.

For more information or to register follow this link to Cape Cod Art Center website. 

Material list is below.


Thursday, June 2, 2022

Drawing at the RISD Museum

The spring semester of 2022 I took a class through the Providence Art Club which was Drawing in the RISD Museum (Rhode Island School of Design) lead by instructor Frances Middendorf.  Frances has been living in Italy and teaches at the Rome Art Program so we are fortunate to have her teaching through PAC. 

For our class we were given assignments and a group of artworks from which to select one or more to draw in pencil while observing and studying these work(s) at the museum. Each week we had a different assignment and each week we were to incorporate our lesson into a piece for homework and critique. Below are some of the my drawings from the 8-week class which I really enjoyed and I feel this class has helped my artistic style to grow. 

This Mary Magdelene (left) was painted by Lippo Memmi in 1330. On the left is my drawing of this painting. I chose it because I like this style of gothic painting inset in the fancy gold leaf panel. This panel was once part of an alterpiece in a church possibly in Siena.

This sculpture in the RISD Museum called Standing Figure was created by artist Arnold Price, carved from soapstone. For my homework project I chose to draw it among a grouping of vases.

For our landscape assignment I chose to draw this Louis-Jules-Frédeéric Villeneuve painting titled Aqueduct near Tivoli, 1827. I wanted to portray the beautiful light shining on the stone arches against the dark of the sky.

This lesson was in conjunction with an exhibit called Trading Earth, Ceramics, Commodities and Commerce. The exhibit focuses on global trade, ceramics made to store and serve, and luxuries of commodities such as sugar, tea, tobacco and alcohol. It looked at the trade routes for production, trade and consumption and the diversity of classes. We talked about oppression, slavery and exploited labor. In my drawing I have included three of the objects in the exhibit as well as the wealthy persons turning away from the realities of slavery. 

For this small colored pencil drawing, I chose to put my small still life objects on a print out of tapestry we studied and drew in the RISD museum. 

The top pencil drawing of the tulips is from an etching we studied by David Hockney. The vase of tulips were in front of a window. In my bottom drawing I have recreated the tulips in front of a window and added a scene. Our assignment was also to show the tactile qualities and textures of the objects we drew.

I drew this Japanese print by Utagawa Hiroshige in pencil then in colored pencil. The original print is a long vertical but I chose to make it into more of a rectangle or square format. Below is an Indian (attributed) drawing called Circle of Rabbits.  I recreated this drawing with colored pencils on textured paper. 

My final drawing (below) is one by Vincent Van Gogh titled View of Auvers-sur-Oise. I chose to draw this piece because I liked the contrasts of the rigid buildings against Van Gogh's traditional dramatic brush strokes in the sky and foreground. Drawing this colorful painting in black and white pencil can be a challenge getting values to correspond with colors in the painting. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

High School Guest Artist

In April I had the opportunity to work with high school students and art teachers at Silver Lakes Regional High School in Kingston, Massachusetts. I was brought on a grant as a guest artist to work with students on colored pencil drawing. Students in this high school have a great art department with lots of opportunities to work in many different mediums but didn't have much exposure to colored pencil drawing.

On day #1 I gave a presentation and colored pencil drawing demonstration over the course of the day to all of the art students. 

Days #2 & #3 I was able to work with each art class creating a small drawing. The assignment was to bring in a photo of a favorite place or subject and create a small drawing that would later be presented as a Polaroid picture and all grouped together. 

I enjoyed this opportunity of working with students and seeing their creativity expressed in their drawings. 


Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Upcoming Colored Pencil Classes!

Upcoming Colored Pencil Workshop and Class with Kendra:

Mystic Museum of Art
Mystic, Connecticut
One-Day Colored Pencil Workshop

Colored pencil is a versatile medium that is portable, inexpensive, and great for combining with other types of media such as watercolor. Through layering and mixing translucent colors directly on the drawing surface, a luminous image is produced. Students will be shown different techniques and approaches to create a vibrant drawing while drawing from a still life. Students may then implement these techniques to continue on their own personal project.

*Limited to 12 students.

Saturday, March 26th 9am-3pm

Members $115 / Non-Member $130

Register on Line at MMoA

Bristol Art Museum 
Bristol, Rhode Island
Colored Pencil Drawing with Kendra Ferreira

April 19th, 26th, May 3rd,10th | 9:30am-12:00pm
Fee: Members $125/ Non-Members $135

Discover the vibrancy of colored pencil in this 4-week class. We will be learning the many versatile ways of drawing with colored pencils. Topics will include: layering, blending and burnishing techniques as well as working with value and form. Each week we will work on a different project and small still life set up. Some colored pencil experience is helpful but beginners are also welcome.

To register or for more information, please contact Kendra

Sunday, February 20, 2022

I am exhibiting these colored pencil drawings (above) at the Narrows Center for the Arts in Fall River, Massachusetts with our group Nineteen on Paper. The exhibit is on through March 12th. 

Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Spotted Hyena Drawing

I've been working on this drawing of a spotted hyena, my reference photo is from our African Safari trip. As hyenas are scavengers, this hyena was sitting in the dirt and watching a lion with a wildebeest carcass. Just waiting for a chance to pick up the scraps. My reference photo is at the bottom of this post, I was intrigued by this messy looking animal with matted fur and decided to clean him up a bit. I wanted to capture textures of the fur and the determined look in his eyes.

Using Adobe PhotoShop and Lightroom, I was able to lighten his eyes and nose to see the details and distinctions. I chose to leave out the background and focus on the portrait of the hyena. The paper I chose is Fabriano Tiziano drawing paper. I usually don't work on a paper that is this textured but for this drawing I think the background color and the texture lend itself to the fur and features.

I used Prismacolor Premier, Caran d'Ache Luminance and a few Derwent and Faber Castell polychromos colored pencils. In this photo I have also included my color swatches on a scrap of the Fabriano Tiziano paper. I like to try out different colors before choosing which ones I will use. 

Please excuse the inconsistencies in my photos, they were taken with my iPhone but in different lighting during my process!


Monday, February 14, 2022

 I am happy to have one of my colored pencil teacup drawings featured in February's issue of Color Magazine by Ann Kullberg. Here is the link to Color Magazine:

Happy Valentine's Day to all! 

Saturday, January 8, 2022

Lioness Drawing from My Safari Trip

In October my husband and I were fortunate to go on an African safari  and travel to to five wildlife preserves in Kenya and Tanzania. It was an amazing trip and I came home with an incredible amount of wildlife photos. Covid made it a little more difficult to travel however we were tested frequently and wore masks indoors. And we were mostly riding in open air safari jeeps in the company of more animals than people. 

We had just landed in the Maasai Mara Wildlife Reserve and were traveling by jeep to our camp when we came across four sleeping lionesses near the side of the road. We pulled up quite close and sat watching them for close to an hour (they are so used to safari jeeps it is possible to get that close). They rolled around a bit, yawned, got up and spun around (just like a house cat), laid back down and went back to sleep. I was taking photos and just happened to catch this lioness with her eyes open looking at me. 

Here are three stages of the drawing that I created from my photo. I worked with Faber Castell Polychromos on Clairefontaine Pastelmat paper, Maize colored (pictured below). The Pastelmat has a textured but velvety surface to softly layer the pencil. The Polychromos are a harder oil based pencil that adhere to this surface and blend very easily. I was able to apply multiple layers of color to different areas.

The Pastelmat comes in several colors and I am anxious to order and try a variety of them. 


Thursday, December 30, 2021

Colored Pencil Pet Portrait of Gabi

Here is Gabi, I was asked to create her portait in colored pencil for her parents holiday gift. I am working on 8x10" blue/gray rag mat board. I like the subtle color and texture of the board against her black fur. Notice the white lines on the top of her head, those are made with a sgraffito or embossing tool (something that looks like this). I press the tool into the paper where I want the lines to be. When I color over the lines with colored pencil, the embossed lines remain the color of the paper. This makes it much easier than trying to add light colored lines later on.

I began with Gabi's eyes, nose and face because they are the most important features to get correct. Moving on, I worked mostly with black colored pencil at first to establish the dark areas and the different areas of texture in the fur.

Black dogs are difficult to draw, you have to look closely in order to be able to add not only different values but also different colors into the fur. Besides using various shades of warm grays, I also used shades of blue, purple and browns.  

 I wanted to add a background that wasn't distracting to Gabi. In the photo I worked from, Gabi was sitting on the grass so I decided to subtly add a grassy area beneath her.

Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Colored Pencil Pet Portait of Ziggy

 This is an 8x10 colored pencil commissioned pet portrait of a long haired Dachshund, Ziggy, I created for his parents for the holidays.

This first portrait is of Ziggy. I'm working on a paper called Ingres, I believe it's made by Canson. I really like the neutral tones and texture of the paper for the pet portraits. You can see the texture on these closeups. I always begin with the eyes, nose and the head. The features are the most important to be able to draw correctly and get the pet's personality.

I continue on with the fur, working small areas at a time almost to completion. I'm working downward and also putting a piece of clean paper under my hand so I don't smudge colors. Ziggy has a lot of color and texture to his strands of fur, I had to take breaks after drawing for a few hours, my eyes were crossing! 

Friday, November 19, 2021

Pet Portrait of a Little Yorkie

I’ve been working on this pet portrait of this little Yorkshire Terrier, Barrington. I am using primarily Prismacolor colored pencils and working on Canson Mi-Teintes paper, the color is called Hemp. I use the Mi-Teintes paper on the smoother side, not the textured side which works better when using pastels. 

I always start with the eyes because they’re the most important feature then work to the nose and mouth. Once I have the sparkle in the eyes and the facial features correct, I can start working the rest of the head and body.

Working on the body and all the little strands of fur. I start by adding my white highlights first so I don’t cover over them and then go to the darkest color and place it in the darkest areas of fur. Putting in those values helps me to define the lightest areas and darkest areas of his fur. From there I worked on the gray tones then added the tans and brown. I work one section at a time and then move onto the next section of the fur. For instance, one ear or one leg at a time. 

Barrington’s favorite spot is to sit in the laundry basket so that is how his owners wanted me to draw him. I’m working on the background, adding in the different bits of laundry but have to be careful that all the patterns and textures will detract from the dog. When I finish the background I will go back and make adjustments to the fur, especially around the edges. I may need to intensify some colors to bring him forward, and gray some background colors to make background elements sit back.

These are my color notes on the back of the paper. Colors always look different on a colored background than they do on a white background. It helps me to label the ones I plan to use on the fur, some of the browns and tans are so close in value and color that it’s hard to determine which is which just by picking up the pencil.