Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Portrait of Murdock

 This is Murdock, I drew a portrait of this sweet dog for his owner. I don't know Murdock's whole story but I do know he was a rescue who ended up losing one eye and lived a short life. In every photo I saw, Murdock looked so happy and I know his owner loved him very much. I think Murdock loved his owner very much too. I was asked to draw a portrait of him and given several photos. In one of these photos  Murdock was standing in water on the shore looking very happy, so I chose that pose. I found inspiration with seafoam-y water flowing onto the beach and surrounding shells so I chose to draw Murdock in this serene environment. I often don't add backgrounds to my pet portraits however I realize the surroundings can give character or a sense of serenity to the composition so I may try this now. RIP little Murdock, you have been loved.

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