Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fun with Childrens' Art Classes

My studio partner, Judy, and I have been holding children's art classes since May and having such fun. We've been working on art projects with 7 girls who love art. Judy gives the students painting lessons and I work with them on drawing. Here are a few photos. Notice the colored pencils ...... Today we gave them each a square on our floor and had them paint a picture to decorate our floor. Here are some of the works of art they created. All are doing an incredible job of mixing paint and learning how to draw.


Debbi said...

What fun! Are you going to varnish the floor with their artwork there, or is it temporary. I love the idea of them painting on the floor.

Gary Keimig said...

Aren't klids a joy to work with. Especially when it comes to art. I just came from our local museum where one of the empoloyees 2 kids were coloring in a color book. I asked them why they have to stay in the lines and they informed me emphatically that they didn't but chose to do so.

Kendra said...

Yes, doing art with the kids makes me smile! We are unsure about whether or not to varnish or what type of varnish to use. If we varnish, we can't paint over it again if we need to at some point.