Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ten Tulips Still Life

Taking a rest from working on the shells and drawing a still life. Yesterday I gave my colored pencil class the assignment to draw one of these small vases with a red tulip in it. Later in the day I decided to that while the tulips were all fresh, to put the vases all together and draw them myself. I have started with the blossoms because they will change first ... and they already have completely opened since yesterday. I have them set up at home so I can work on them throughout the day and into the evening. The paper I'm using is UArt 800 grit and the pencils are Prismacolor and Polychromos. I like to start each tulip by laying in the lightest values and then the darkest values to establish the light and dark. The light values I'm using are Prismacolor Vermillion 921 and Pink 929. For the dark value I'm using Tuscan Red 937 and Polychromos Magenta 133 because the Tuscan red is a good value but isn't quite as vibrant as I need for a color. I am trying to work quickly to at least get the colors on because the flowers and leaves are already changing and moving.


Teresa Mallen said...

You do have to work fast with tulips. Good luck with that! :-) It looks great so far. I can't help but noticing all of those lovely little pots you have for your tulips. Very nice!

Debbi said...

What a cool idea Kendra. I really like the format and what I see so far!

Kendra said...

Thanks! Always fun to try something different.