Friday, January 29, 2010

Tulips and Foliage

I've completed the tulip blossoms and the foliage just in time because the flowers have completely opened, changed colors and the leaves are drooping. Now I can work on the pots which thankfully aren't going to change! I purchased these pots from a potter in town who is a friend of mine and gave my boys pottery classes when they were young. I thought the pots would be great subject matter for my classes because of their interesting shapes and colors and now I am having fun with them in my own still life!


Janet Pantry said...

This is looking great, Kendra, I've enjoyed seeing it develop. Love the unusual composition. Seeing your tulips reminds me of Spring which is just around the corner! Looking forward to the next update :)

Kendra said...

Thank you Janet! I am really looking forward to spring myself.