Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tulips ... Foliage ... Pots

The next step was to render the colorful clay pots. Its is funny how when looking at the drawing through the eyes of the camera, I can see some of my angles and ellipses just aren't quite right. I'll fix them. I've been trying to work on the pots in the afternoon when the sun is coming in the window and lighting is the best. It reminds me that spring is in the somewhat distant future ... although the tulips in my still life are mostly dead now. Now onto drawing the cloth the pots are all sitting on. I love the UArt sanded paper as the colors are easy to layer, you can even put light colors over dark. I'm going for a painterly look rather than super realistic and I hope I can achieve it.


Richard Klekociuk said...

This is a great series of posts Kendra. I love the work you are doing!
Regards, Richard

Kendra said...

Thanks Richard. I am really enjoying working on this still life!