Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Colored Pencil Class tackles Cradled Gessoboard!

For the last two classes, my colored pencil students have worked on the 6x6"(2"deep) cradled gessoboard in which I prepared the surface with Colourfix primer. The subject is shells and everyone picked a few depending on how complex they wanted their composition to be. Each person set up the small still life in front of them and drew from that. We also used odorless mineral spirits and small brushes to dissolve the pencil in some areas, particularly the background in order to achieve an even tone. Notice all the fun stuff we've got lying around ... pencils in jars, pencil sharpeners, coffee, lamps! The tables fill up in no time! Also notice how everyone is concentrating so hard on their work, what you aren't seeing in this picture is what a fun and lively group they are!

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