Sunday, February 21, 2010

Watercolor this time

I usually stay with one piece of artwork at a time but lately I've been jumping all over the place and I feel comfortable doing it. I haven't done watercolors in years and this piece is 14 years in the making. I took this photo of 2 of my boys and 2 of my neighbor's boys running on the beach on an unseasonably warm afternoon in May. It took me 13 years to start it and 6 months to finish and a great memory now on paper, as these boys are all grown up now. The painting is done on a full sheet of watercolor paper and the hardest part was working from a small old photo in which the color was starting to disintegrate. I struggled with the photo and ended up working a lot from my imagination. I had fun with it once I got over the fear of working on a large sheet in a medium I wasn't familiar with any longer. (The paper is a little bit wavy which is causing the spots in the sky.)

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