Friday, March 26, 2010

Bright Red for a Rainy Day

I always come back to the candy apples because I love working with the vibrant reds so much and I have fun rendering the reflections. This piece is on cradled gessoboard, again with the Colourfix primer on the gessoboard which gives me a red undertone that is easier to work the apples and get them nice and vibrant. I did use lots of solvent with the pencil on this piece. I used it in the front to get the white surface to cover the red primer. I used it in the background to achieve the rich darks. No, they're not black, I used Black Grape, Tuscan Red and Indigo layered in that order.

1 comment:

Teresa Mallen said...

Beautiful rich colour and those reflections do look fun. Definitely some brightness for a rainy day. Perfect for any day really. :-)