Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The tulips are finished just in time for spring

I looked back at my posts and found that I started this piece on Jan. 27. I seem to pick it up, work on it and then put it down and work on something else. So I ordered the frame and when it arrived, I figured that I should just get down to business and finish! This drawing is on UArt paper and I found it a little difficult to fill in the red velvet cloth so that the paper wouldn't show through. I wanted the cloth to look very smooth and velvety. Using a bristle brush helped blend the pencil into the paper. I also tried using Polychromos and Lyra Rembrandt pencils which are a bit harder than the Prismacolors and can be applied a little more smoothly. These pencils helped to smooth the cloth. I really had fun with this piece, each tulip seems to have a different personality and each little vase is unique.

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Kathy said...

Beautiful piece, Kendra. I love the slick feel of the shiny vases against the velvet cloth and the natural smoothness of the tulip's petals.