Saturday, July 10, 2010

Glass and Tulips

I've started this new still life with various glass vases and bottles we have at the studio and some leafy green tulips. I spent about a week just setting up the glass and tulips and taking lots of pictures until I found a composition and lighting that I liked. I can work the glass from life but the tulips have since died so I have to rely on my photos. I'm working on white Strathmore 100% rag illustration board which I love. The surface is smooth but slightly textured and the board is durable.

I'm also starting with as limited of a palette of Prismacolors to make it easier for myself. The greens in the leaves are: 1004 Charatreuse, LF189 Cinnabar Yellow, 1005 Limepeel, 912 Apple Green, LF109 Prussian Green and 988 Marine Green. The grays in the glass are: 1086 Sky Blue Lt, Cool Grays 20%, 30% and 50%. The blue/green bottle has the following colors added: 992 Lt. Aqua, 1006 Parrot Green, LF110 Green Hue, 905 Aquamarine, 907 Peacock Green. Thus far, my tulip flowers are: LF915 Lemon Yellow, LF127 Lt Peach, 929 Pink, 921 Vermillion, LF122 Permanent Red, LF126 Carmine Red and Coloursoft C130 Deep Red.

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Teresa Mallen said...

Great job on your still life set up! I go through such angst when I am fiddling with lighting, positioning objects, adding and subtracting elements...on and on it seems to go. I am always glad to move past the photo shoot stage! :-) This is already a wonderful piece and I look forward to seeing it develop. I do so love the shape of tulip leaves!