Monday, July 26, 2010

Progress on the tulips

I've added the reflections on the table but they're not completely finished. I also haven't finished the reflections in the glass vases themselves because I'm working on the background. Thus far, the background consists of Prismacolor Seashell, Beige Siena and Terra Cotta. On top I've started layering Artichoke which is a harder pigmented pencil so its working nicely to burnish the colors beneath it. In the margin on the bottom I've made marks for color suggestions. My goal is a warm brown neutral background with tones of color as to create a classic (?) still life and this drawing still needs work overall to tie everything together but its moving along!


Teresa Mallen said...

I'm loving the vases and the reflections!!! Very nice indeed!Thanks for sharing the update - I love seeing wips. :-)

sue said...

As Teresa has said - the glass and reflections are lovely. Look forward to seeing more

Kendra said...

I appreciate the feedback! I like to post wip's in case anyone is interested in the process, also so I can remember what I did.