Thursday, July 22, 2010

Climbing the tower of St George's Cathedral

Today I climbed the tower of St George's Cathedral. St George's is a private (boarding) school located in Newport, RI and the cathedral was built in 1928. Fellow Spring Bull artist Richard Grosvenor, who taught art and was the head of the art department at St Georges, offered to give us a tour of the tower. Dick nimbly climbed the ladder (like he was still a teenager!) and opened the trap door at the top for us. Yes, I gathered enough courage to ascend the narrow staircase and ladder to see the view.

I found the gargoyles very inspiring. I might like to draw some of them sometime!

Fellow artists and tower climbers: Mike Chambers and Dick Grosvenor.

The view of the reservoir and Newport Bridge from the top.

I forgot this fellow's name. He sits in the stairway where we began our climb at ground level. Lucky for us, the heat and humidity had subsided a bit. While it was still warm, at least it was dry and breezy out.

I am working on my tulip drawing and will post it tomorrow.

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sue said...

The climb was obviously worth the effort judging by the view you photographed ... but I'm not very brave with heights so probably wouldn't have made it :o(