Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Salmagundi Club Award

In a previous blog entry, I noted that two of my colored pencil works had been accepted into the Special President's Exhibition; Photography and Graphics, which is a juried member exhibit. And I was even more excited when I received a call from the Salmagundi Club telling me that I had won The President's Award, First Award for this piece, Cherries on China.

Cherries on China also previously won second prize at an exhibit in Rhode Island, however, it was rejected from the CPSA national exhibit when I submitted it two years ago. This is a reminder to us as artists that art is subjective and we shouldn't despair if a piece is not accepted into an exhibit or given an award. I am always disappointed when I'm not accepted into an exhibit I really want to be a part of but I try not to be discouraged. There are many reasons why a particular piece isn't accepted; could be that it just didn't fit in with the other works or wasn't that judge's particular style. I've been told that my work can be too photo realistic at times also. Each piece of my artwork is a part of me, almost like another child. I have to remind myself not to take it personally if my art is rejected. On the other hand, at times like this, I am so jubilant and elated when I am accepted into an exhibit or an art organization or win an award! It's all just part of the artist's journey.


Anne Winthrop Cordin said...

Congratulations! That is such good news, ride that crest of happiness!Your comments about jurying are well put, so many of us are so sensitive about our work, forgetting not to take a rejection personally.Well done, Kendra.

Kathy said...

Congratulations, Kendra! I agree with Anne about your jurying comments being well put. It's all a matter of opinion, so as long as our opinion of our own art is high, why shouldn't someone else agree?!

Paula Pertile said...

Well done!! Its a beautiful piece.
And yes, its all so subjective. Its hard to remember that sometimes. We have to toughen up when we don't get picked and pretend we don't care, then are so elated when we do get picked, and win!!