Sunday, January 23, 2011

Working on Two at Once!

I started going to a new acupuncturist late last summer and when she found out I am an artist, she told me that she could heighten my creativity and creative ideas. Well, I think its working because I've got so many ideas rattling around in my head that I just wish I had more time to put them all down on paper or board.

For the time being, I will settle on finishing these two pieces. I'm working on the surface the vase of tulips is sitting on. I started with a layer of Powder Blue, then a layer of LF285 LIght Oxide and added solvent to blend the two. While the solvent was wet I added a layer of Cool Grey 30% - working only small areas at a time. While the glass table surface was that color, it appeared too light in value for the rest of the drawing. When it dried, I added many light layers of colors, so many I can't even remember them all because I've been going back and forth with light layers. I think I can name some of them; Periwinkle Blue, Parma Violet, Violet Blue, Cool Grey 50% and 70%, Kelly Green, Dark Green, and Tuscan Red. I think it may be just about done but I've stood it in my studio and every time I walk by, I'll look at it and ponder what more needs to be done.
I'm back to Elaina and working on her skin tones. In lightest areas I've added Deco Peach and Deco Pink over the color already there. I also think that parts of her too purple-brown (such as the shadowed area on her bottom arm that will need to be fixed. I'm added Periwinkle, Blue Violet Lake and Coloursoft Grey Green (one of my favorite colored pencils!) to the shadows in her skin tones and Spanish Orange for the glow in her face, which I may decide to take out later. Portrait work, for me, is a learning experience and goes slowly but I'm a perfectionist and enjoy the journey!


Melody said...

Your work is absolutely stunning. Thanks for sharing your creative journey

Kathy said...

Both pieces are coming along beautifully! Can't wait to see the finished efforts, especially the portrait.