Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Orchid Drawing is Complete

Since my last post of this drawing, I decided on a blue background which is mostly Prismacolor Blue Violet Lake and the surface is Prismacolor Gingeroot. I chose the cool blues and cool greens in the leaves to make the flowers pop. When the background was complete and I worked on the pot, I then returned to the flowers and punched them up with more color. I particularly worked on the three blossoms on the right which are my focal point. I didn't use any solvent on this piece which makes it look more like a drawing than a painting with the surface texture showing through.

Its been raining here for days so working on this piece made me feel better about our dreary weather because it is so colorful and cheerful.

I sprayed the drawing with Lascaux fixative and Krylon Kamar Varnish to finish and seal the colored pencil. And I chose to frame the piece in a light wood floater frame which gives it a contemporary look.


Ester Roi said...

Beautiful, Kendra! Don't you love Colourfix primer? I've been using it a lot lately. How many layers do you apply?

Kendra said...

I really like the Colourfix primer, Ester. I also combine colors to make my own for the backgrounds. I only apply one layer with a small foam paint roller. Can you use the Colourfix primed surface with your Icarus Board?

Ester Roi said...

Yes, I use it with the Icarus board and it works great. I have experimented with one, two, and three layers of clear primer. I will have to try the colored ones.