Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Yesterday's Class Project

For my colored pencil classes yesterday, I gave the students white Chinese take out boxes, fortune cookies and chopsticks to choose from and set up their own still life to draw. My intention was to have everyone draw the white boxes and create colorful grays. We used Canson Mi Teintes paper in Felt Gray to draw on and started with whites and grays on the box, students chose either cool or warm grays. Next we added other colors in different areas where they saw color in the shadowed areas. For example, we used colors such as Cream, Grayed Lavendar, Light Flesh, Sage and Celadon green and several of the blues. Afterward some added a fortune cookie, with or without the wrapper and some colorful chopsticks and shadow. The Felt Gray paper makes a nice background.

In the top photo are drawings from the morning class and in the bottom photo are drawings from the evening class. It is interesting to see how different each person's style is and the different choices of color, especially the subtle color in the white boxes which you may not be able to see from the photos.


Paula Pertile said...

That's so cool! Love to see how different people draw the same thing.

Anne Winthrop Cordin said...

You put so much into your classes Kendra. Thanks for sharing your students work!

Kendra said...

I learn from my students sometimes too! Thank you Anne for the compliment!!