Sunday, June 19, 2011

4th of July Commissioned Artwork

This is a small colored pencil drawing (7x10") in which I was commissioned to do by the Grand Marshalls of the Bristol, RI Fourth of July Committee. The drawing was a gift to the Chairwoman of the Committee for her years of dedication and hard work. I was honored to be the artist asked to do the artwork. The Fourth of July is huge in Bristol, RI. The parade is the largest and oldest parade in the country and celebrations begin on Flag Day and continue until July 4. It's always a fun time of year that most residents look forward to. For the artwork, I was asked to draw the bandstand on the town common decorated in red white and blue and filled with people.

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Teresa said...

It's a beautiful painting, Kendra. Charming, lovely Americana. I'm sure the Committee Chairwoman will be thrilled to receive this.. I would be!