Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Candy Apples in Neocolor II Crayons

Here are the candy apples finished with Neocolor crayons. To review my process: first I put a layer of color on the surface with Neocolor II crayons. Next I added water and dissolved the crayon. When it dried, I added a layer or two of colored pencil to every area of the piece. But then decided I wanted to punch it up with color so I added more Neocolor crayon on top and left it dry, not adding any water. I sharpened the crayons with a lip pencil sharpener for the more detailed areas. The result is almost like a pastel but it can't be smudged and doesn't flake off. I like the textured "painterly" look of the finished piece.


Teresa said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Colors are amazing!

Kendra said...

Teresa, thank you for all your kind comments! I am enjoying experimenting!

Jenn Falcon said...

These are beautiful. Do you think the neocolors watercolors are brighter than plain watercolors? I've only tried the wax neocolors which are fun.