Tuesday, January 31, 2012

"Art For All and All For Art"

I am now living in Bristol, Rhode Island and the Bristol Art Museum recently contacted me and asked if I would be one of the thirty-five works of artists to participate in a fundraising event titled "Art For All and All For Art". Concurrently Bristol Art Museum will secure thirty-five sponsors who will in turn bid for the artwork in order of their choice at a very reasonable price. Viewing of artwork is the week of March 26th and each sponsor's artwork is selected on April 1st. I hadn't heard of this particular type of art sponsorship before and I think it's a very unique way of fundraising. Procuring a nice piece of artwork at a reasonable price, is definitely worth the while.

This is a link to the website which I found needs a bit of updating. Bristol Art Museum has just acquired a permanent space. Previously the Art Museum's exhibitions have been held in the carriage house of Linden Place Mansion designed and built for General George DeWolf by Rhode Island architect Russell Warren in 1810. Owned by Samuel Colt, of the Colt Firearms company. The Movie The Great Gatsby starring Robert Redford and Mia Farrow was filmed here in 1974. The colored pencil piece I have donated to Bristol Art Museum is titled "Linden Place Roses" and is a scene of the gazebo behind the Linden Place mansion with roses in bloom. Several years ago my very close friend, Sheila, and her husband were caretakers for the Linden Place mansion so I was privy to the grounds and took many pictures of the outside landscape.

If you are local and reading this, please consider sponsoring Bristol Art Museum!


Teresa Mallen said...

A beautiful piece Kendra! How fortunate to spend time in such a lovely place and with such lovely roses. This is such an appropriate work to donate. I hope the fund raising is very successful.

Ester Roi said...

Lovely artwork, Kendra! Best wishes for the fundraiser!