Thursday, April 12, 2012

Evening Colored Pencil Class Drawings

My evening class has been working on a drawing of pears on a surface of Ampersand Gessobord covered with Raw Sienna Colourfix primer. We worked from one of my photos and I had them begin by laying in color with Caran D'Arche NeoColors then adding water with a brush to push around the NeoColors around as an underpainting. When they were satisfied with the background, they began rendering the pears with colored pencils covering the NeoColor base. Here are four of the examples of my student's work which I think are all fabulous! Notice the two on the left are more abstract, the student who worked on the top left piece, chose to focus more with the NeoColors and the water to create more of an abstract look. She only added a little bit of colored pencil to the top, she is a quilter and enjoys bright colors. The bottom left piece has some great bold areas of color. The top right piece was rendered in lighter colors and the artist chose to let the pink and peach colors in the pears show, for a softer look. The artist who worked on the bottom right piece used Prismacolor Peacock Green for the darker valued and shadowed areas of the pears. A color I wouldn't have thought of myself but I really like the vibrancy it gives, the pears almost glow.

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