Monday, April 16, 2012

Field & Sky Colored Pencil & NeoColor

I have decided to work on a few landscape pieces in a loose, flowing style with lots of colorful clouds and an airy feeling. The surface I decided to use is 2" cradled Ampersand Gessobord covered with Coloufix Primer in white which I tinted pink for a soft, warm base. The top image is the underpainting which I worked in NeoColors then added water and dissolved to make a nice surface to work on.
Next I added colored pencil and then more NeoColors on top of some of the colored pencil. I like the "pebbly" effect of the NeoColor crayon on top of the colored pencil, it looks almost like pastels without the chalk and the dust, plus I can varnish over top. This piece was really fun and I like the results!


Katherine Thomas said...

This is gorgeous, and very unique for colored pencil work. I like that you're challenging the old limits of colored pencil and using it on different surfaces. I'm going to try the gessobord this summer, it's on my must-do list!

Ester Roi said...

Lovely work and interesting texture, Kendra!

Gloria Callahan said...

Kendra, I love the pastel look of this piece and use either the Ampersand pastelbord myself or the gesso'd boards with primer also for my cp's,for my more detailed pieces. And I have been looking for a faster style when working plein air instead of my normal cp's I use pastels but hate the mess.

I may try the neo's in Plein Air work, with my cps. Not sure why I haven't thought of this before.

By the way love your blog!

Kendra said...

Thank you everyone! Gloria, try the NeoColors in plein air, they work differently than pastels, can't blend because they're waxy but less messy too. And you can add water.