Thursday, January 3, 2013


The newest colored pencil piece, and first one completed for the new year, is titled Fragile, it is 10x14" and worked on rag illustration board. The idea came from a birthday party I attended back in November in which each attendee received a small nest with a saying attached. The words attached to my nest spoke to me: Be the rain. Wash away, cleanse, forgive. I thought what great advice, so true for our lives and a good way to begin a new year. I immediately started thinking of how I could put this little nest into a composition and tell a story.

I found some little blue bird eggs. No, not real ones - I found these at Pottery Barn! I brought my little nest and my camera out walking on the trails with my dog at Mt Hope Farm in Bristol, RI and decided to nestle it in amongst the fall leaves and grass. I took several photos in different areas with different colored leaves and then went home to look at the photos on my computer and choose one. I chose this particular one because of the bright red and orange leaves int he foreground and the older brown leaves scattered behind them. The contrast of the green grasses peeking through caught my attention also.

Everything in this piece is fragile, the nest, the fall leaves that are drying up in the cold weather and the grasses will soon turn brown. The eggs are fragile but also symbolize a new beginning. The words also remind us that our lives and our relationships are fragile. Happy New Year!

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