Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Ampersand Pastelbord & Accordion Star Book

Started practicing using Caran D'Arche Supracolor watercolor pencils and water on 5x7" white Ampersand Pastelbord as an underpainting for colored pencil. I started with a simple line drawing, then added the watercolor pencil dry. Next step, I wet the pencil with water and brush and dissolved the pencil flowing it around the surface as a wash. I'm experimenting a little with what colors I would use for my underpainting. I found that when I started working in regular colored pencil over the watercolor washes, I liked having darker background colors. I finished the piece with Prismacolor colored pencils, softening edges and colors. 

Here is my finished accordion style star book with finished cover pages and ribbons to tie it closed when not on display. I'm happy with the result and can't wait to find an exhibit to display it.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Bookmaking: Accordion Style Star Book

Over the years and through my travels in different parts of the world, I've taken photos of windows. I've been collecting photos and thinking of what I would do with the images or how I would present them in a piece of art. Earlier this year I took a book making class and decided to make my own book and incorporate some of my window drawings. I selected 14 images and drew them out in colored pencil, some with the image transfer technique first. I've been intrigued with the accordion style of book that opens into a star shape so I decided to try to put one together. It's a small book,  just 6x6". Top photo shows my drawings before I glue them onto the backing pages. The bottom photo is the book almost finished, my next step is to find a decorative paper to use for the cover and put the cover together. It's great fun to find a challenging project, something using my hands besides just drawing.  

Sunday, August 18, 2013

CPSA Convention and Exhibition 2013

Here are photos from my recent trip to the CPSA annual exhibition and convention held in to Brea, California this year. It was a great trip and first I have to mention how much I enjoy meeting and catching up with the other artists whom I only see once a year at this event. I'm always interested to hear what everyone has been doing over the past year. I traveled across the country with Debbi Friedman and started the trip by staying with pal Elizabeth Patterson and her family in West Hollywood. 

 Elizabeth was kind enough to drive us around the area and let us be tourists. We stopped at Point Mugu and spend close to an hour photographing the various rocks and waves.

Here I am at the international exhibition with my piece "Fragile". I received my Signature Merit Award this year for have been accepted into the exhibit five times.

 This view is of Laguna Beach in which I absolutely loved. It does seem a bit touristy but beautiful nonetheless. I'd like to spend more time in this area.

 Here are pals Debbi Friedman and Elizabeth Patterson posing outside in the gardens at the Getty Center near Los Angeles. 

The architecture of the Getty Center is absolutely amazing as well as the collection of art and the grounds. I so enjoyed the visit and the trip as a whole.