Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Bookmaking: Accordion Style Star Book

Over the years and through my travels in different parts of the world, I've taken photos of windows. I've been collecting photos and thinking of what I would do with the images or how I would present them in a piece of art. Earlier this year I took a book making class and decided to make my own book and incorporate some of my window drawings. I selected 14 images and drew them out in colored pencil, some with the image transfer technique first. I've been intrigued with the accordion style of book that opens into a star shape so I decided to try to put one together. It's a small book,  just 6x6". Top photo shows my drawings before I glue them onto the backing pages. The bottom photo is the book almost finished, my next step is to find a decorative paper to use for the cover and put the cover together. It's great fun to find a challenging project, something using my hands besides just drawing.  

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Sunny Harvy said...

This book is lovely. You should self-publish it for sale.