Tuesday, May 27, 2014

My Latest Drawing "Rebirth"

I have finally finished this piece in which I titled Rebirth. As I noted in the last posting, this is drawn on a 12x16" grey Ampersand Pastelbord panel. My idea for the drawing came from a nest that I had photographed which had so many twigs and small branches wrapped round and round. I took some time to look at photos of butterflies and choose two, the blue that I changed to make my own "species" and the white which is actually a white plume moth.

I chose to extend some of the twigs of the nest to the borders of the composition and to wrap them around the blue butterfly to keep it from being separated from the rest of the composition. The nest itself is very brown but I added color to the twigs in various shades of purple, pink, orange, yellow and blue. I really enjoyed working on this drawing although it took me quite a while to finish the piece. I will now varnish the piece with Krylon Kamar Varnish (spray) and frame the piece.

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