Friday, May 2, 2014

Nest and Butterflies

Here is my latest drawing in colored pencil. I am working on 12x16" gray Ampersand Pasteboard with straight colored pencil, no solvent or any other materials. I have a reference photo of this nest which is much less colorful and more intact. I chose to liven up the colors of the twigs and to draw the nest with twigs expanding and reaching to the borders of the surface so that it didn't look so intact. I really had fun with the shape and composition of this nest.

I'm happy with the little white butterfly (can you see it?) but still working on the blue butterfly. I feel as if it is a separate subject which is taking attention away from the nest not supporting the composition. I'm going to let the piece sit on my drawing table while I keep looking at it and thinking.


Jenn Falcon said...

Is that white one a butterfly? Looks like some sort of other insect, not a dragonfly or mantis, but I don't know. Is it local?

Kendra said...

Hi Jenn, the white one is actually a white plume moth which in indicative to Great Britain and Europe. I inadvertently called it a butterfly. Sorry and thanks for questioning. I found the image in a nature book and liked the positive and negative shapes of the body for my white image.

Jenn Falcon said...

Nice :-)