Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Image Transfer Drawing on Clay

We've been lucky to have been able to spend the winter in Jupiter, Florida and I have been taking Image Transfer on Clay & Handbuilding Ceramics classes at the Lighthouse Art Center in Tequesta, Florida. I chose to try a new medium which is working with clay and really am enjoying another method of drawing and transferring the drawings onto clay. The drawing is done on newsprint with needle tipped bottles of underglaze and then colors are painted on with colored slip (liquefied suspension of clay particles in water). I have been using white slip as the background.

The slightly wet drawing is then transferred (rubbed) onto slightly wet clay. I am using a red Hawaiian clay because I like the contrast of the dark clay against the light colored and white slip on the drawings. I then press the clay into a form to create the dish or tray and clean up the edges. 

I always think it's such a great learning experience to experiment with new mediums and techniques.

Drawing on paper with the underglaze.

Finished turtle dish

Transferring the (underglaze and colored slip) drawing from the newsprint onto the clay

Finished lobster dish after being kiln fired. Colors aren't perfect, the white slip is varied in thickness which makes it more interesting.

New dish in progress and before kiln firing. Cleaning up edges next.

Little fish dish, the only piece that has come out perfectly formed and painted! Wow!
But I'm still learning.

Little octopus dish in the making

Pot  and saucer I made for my orchid with a ginko leaf design.

Round fish dish with a crack! But still fun to display or use.

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